Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures



Drawing Properties

Use to produce section views and dimensions of slightly skewed end plates. An end plate can be sloping or skewed to such a small degree that it is unnecessary to bevel cut the end of the main part. If the end plate is not dimensioned in the section view, you need to set a limit for the end plate angle.

Tekla Structures dimensions any end plate skewed less than this value in section views. Larger angle dimensions do not appear in the section view. Set the angle between the skewed end plate and beam in degrees. The default angle is 0.

This advanced option is role specific. When the type SYSTEM(ROLE) is in use, the default value is used. When the type MODEL(ROLE) or DRAWING(ROLE) is in use, you can change the value, which is then the same for all users in the current model.

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