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Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Manage Tekla Structures

Managing Tekla Structures means defining and maintaining the configurations and settings you require to complete your work in different projects.

Basic configuration for your own use is generally explained in the documentation of each feature. The customizations can be copied between different models and for this it is good to have a basic understanding of the file and folder structure.

If you manage Tekla Structures for other users, you are a Tekla Structures administrator, and you will need a deeper understanding and more managed approach to maintaining the configurations, settings and servers that your users need in their work. To start customizing Tekla Structures for your organization, read more below.

Get started as a Tekla Structures administrator

To get started as a Tekla Structures administrator, you familiarize yourself with the concepts related to installation, licensing and customization.

Information sources for administrators

Tekla User Assistance

Tekla User Assistance provides help information for all levels of users, including administrators. You can access the Tekla Structures help material in Tekla User Assistance by pressing the F1 button in Tekla Structures. If you have a dialog box open, Tekla Structures takes you straight to the related topic.

By default, all help content is online. Offline help installation packages are available in Tekla Downloads. We recommend that you use the online help when possible as it is updated constantly.

The help is also available when Tekla Structures is not running. Depending on your Windows operating system, through the Start menu or Start screen, select the Tekla Structures <version> and click Documentation.

Release notes and Administrator's release notes

Release notes and Administrator's release notes are published in Tekla User Assistance for each new main and intermediate version of Tekla Structures. They contain very useful information that you can use when upgrading to a newer version of Tekla Structures.

Release notes contains information about the new features, improvements and fixes to existing features. Administrator's release notes contains useful information on how to localize and start using the new features in Tekla Structures.

Tekla Discussion Forum

Tekla Discussion Forum is a useful place to share experiences, ask questions, and discuss with advanced users. You need a Trimble Identity to log in.

Tekla Structures training

To use Tekla Structures to its full potential we strongly recommend users to attend training courses held by the local Trimble Solutions office or a reseller.

Your local support

If you have a valid maintenance contract, you can e-mail or phone your local support for help.

You can find the email address and phone number of your local support in Tekla User Assistance when you are logged in and your account is connected to your organization's group.

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