Secondary guideline properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Secondary guideline properties

Use the property pane or the contextual toolbar to view and modify the properties of the rebar set secondary guidelines.


To make a secondary guideline follow the leg face edges that are located between the guideline end points, select Yes from the Follow edges list in the property pane.

Alternatively, select the secondary guideline and click on the contextual toolbar.

Spacing properties

If you want a secondary guideline to have similar spacing properties as the primary guideline, select Yes from the Inherit from primary list in the property pane. You can then modify the Start offset and End offset values if needed. The spacing values and ranges are automatically scaled by the ratio of the secondary guideline length to the primary guideline length.

If you want to define the secondary guideline spacing properties independently from the primary guideline, select No from the Inherit from primary list, and then modify the following spacing properties as needed:

Option Description
Start offset

The offsets at the start and end of the guideline.

By default, Tekla Structures calculates the offset values according to the concrete cover settings and bar diameter. Automatic values are shown in square brackets, for example [32.00].

Note that the automatic offset values may change if the outermost rebar set bars are split by splitters and the split bars would end up in the concrete cover area.

End offset
Creation method

How the bars are spaced. For more information, see Spacing options.

Number of reinforcing bars
Target spacing value
Exact spacing value
Exact spacing values

Which bars are omitted from the rebar set.

See also Examples.

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