Add hooks to reinforcing bars

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Add hooks to reinforcing bars

You can add hooks to the ends of reinforcing bars for anchoring purposes.


Hooks are intended to be used only for anchoring purposes. Do not use hooks as a method to model other reinforcing bar geometry, because it may cause problems with visibility in drawings, in adaptivity, and in bar bending shape recognition.

To add hooks to reinforcing bars, do one of the following:

To Do this

Add hooks using direct modification

  1. Ensure that the Direct modification switch is active.

  2. Select a single reinforcing bar or a reinforcing bar group.

  3. Click the start or end point of the reinforcing bar .

    A toolbar for hook properties appears.

  4. Select the desired shape for the hook.

  5. If you select Custom hook, enter the angle, radius, and length for the hook. Click .

Add hooks using the Single rebar or Rebar group properties

  1. Select a single reinforcing bar or a reinforcing bar group.

  2. Double-click the reinforcement to open its properties.

  3. In the Hooks section, select a hook type for the bar start and/or end from the Hook type list.

  4. If you select Custom hook, enter the angle, radius and length for the hook.

  5. Click Modify.

Add hooks to rebar sets using end detail modifiers

See Modify a rebar set locally using modifiers.

For custom hooks you need to enter the hook information:

Option Description


Enter a value between -180 and +180 degrees.

  1. Angle

  2. Length

  3. Radius


Enter the internal bending radius of the hook.

Use the same radius for the hook and for the reinforcing bar. If the hook and the reinforcing bar have different radiuses, Tekla Structures does not recognize the shape of the bar.


Enter the length of the straight part.

If the length is set to zero, no hooks are created.

Hook examples

1 Standard 90-degree hook
2 Standard 135-degree hook
3 Standard 180-degree hook
4 Custom hook

If you select a standard hook, the Angle, Radius, and Length use predefined dimensions.

The rebar_database.inp file contains the predefined minimum bending radius and minimum hook length for all standard hooks.

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