General numbering settings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

General numbering settings

Use the Numbering Setup dialog box to view and modify some general numbering settings.



Renumber all

All parts get a new number. All information on previous numbers is lost.

Re-use old numbers

Tekla Structures reuses the numbers of parts that have been deleted. These numbers may be used to number new or modified parts.

Check for standard parts

If a separate standard-part model has been set up, Tekla Structures compares the parts in the current model to those in the standard-part model.

If the part to be numbered is identical to a part in the standard-part model, Tekla Structures uses the same part number as in the standard-part model.

Compare to old

The part gets the same number as a previously numbered similar part.

Take new number

The part gets a new number even if a similar numbered part already exists.

Keep number if possible

Modified parts maintain their previous numbers if possible. Even if a part or assembly becomes identical with another part or assembly, the original position number is maintained.

For example, you might have two different assemblies, B/1 and B/2, in the model. Later on you modify B/2 so that it becomes identical with B/1. If the Keep number if possible option is used, B/2 will maintain its original position number when you renumber the model.

Synchronize with master model (save-numbering-save)

Use this setting when working in multi-user mode. Tekla Structures locks the master model and performs a save, numbering, and save sequence, so that all other users can continue working during the operation.

Automatic cloning

If the main part of a drawing is modified and therefore gets a new assembly position, the existing drawing is automatically assigned to another part of the position.

If the modified part moves to an assembly position that does not have a drawing, the original drawing is automatically cloned to reflect the changes in the modified part.


The location, size, and number of holes affects numbering.

Part name

The part name affects numbering.

Beam orientation

The orientation of beams affects numbering of assemblies.

Column orientation

The orientation of columns affects numbering of assemblies.

Assembly name

The assembly name affects numbering.

Assembly phase

Only enabled when XS_​ENABLE_​PHASE_​OPTION_​IN_​NUMBERING is set to TRUE.

The assembly phase affects numbering.

Reinforcing bars

Reinforcing bars affect numbering.

Embedded objects

Sub-assemblies affect the numbering of cast units.

Surface treatment

Surface treatments affect the numbering of assemblies.


Welds affect the numbering of assemblies.


Parts get the same number if their dimensions differ less than the value entered in this box.

Assembly position sort order

See Number assemblies, cast units, and rebar assemblies.

Family numbering

See Assign family numbers.
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