Example: Number identical beams

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Example: Number identical beams

This example explains how different numbering settings result in different part numbers when you modify a part.

To number identical beams:

  1. Create three identical beams with the numbering series prefix P and start number 1.
  2. Number the model. All the beams have the part position number P1.
  3. Modify one of the beams.
  4. Number the model. You should now have two beams P1 and one P2.
  5. Change beam P2 to be identical to the others.
  6. Number the model.

    Depending on the numbering settings in the Numbering Setup dialog box, Tekla Structures assigns one of the following part position numbers to the modified part:

    • Compare to old: P1

    • Keep number if possible: P2

    • Take new number: P3

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