Control number settings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Control number settings

Use the Create control numbers (S9) dialog box to view and modify the control number settings.




Defines which parts get control numbers.

All creates consecutive numbers for all parts.

By numbering series creates control numbers for parts in a specific numbering series.

Assembly/Cast unit numbering series

Defines the prefix and start number of the numbering series for which to create control numbers.

Needed only with the By numbering series option.

Start number of control numbers

The number from which the numbering starts.

Step value

Defines the interval between two control numbers.


Defines how to treat parts that already have control numbers.

Yes replaces the existing control numbers.

No keeps the existing control numbers.

First direction

Defines in what order to assign control numbers.

Second direction

Third direction

Write UDA to

Defines where to save the control numbers.

Assembly saves the control numbers to the user-defined attributes of assemblies or cast units.

Main part saves the control numbers to the user-defined attributes of assembly or cast unit main parts.

The control number appears on the Parameters tab.

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