Lock reference models

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Lock reference models

You can prevent reference models from moving and from detail updates by locking the reference models.

  1. Click the Reference Models button in the side pane on the right side of the Tekla Structures main window.

    You can also go to the File menu, and select Import > Insert reference model. Close the Add model dialog box.

  2. Move your mouse over the desired reference model in the Reference Models list.

    The Lock/Unlock button is displayed.

  3. Click the Lock/Unlock button.

    Now the reference model is locked. You can only add values for user-defined attributes and work with layers, but you cannot modify the details in any other way or move the model.

    To lock multiple reference models, select the models from the list and click the Lock/Unlock button of one of the reference models.

    To unlock the reference model, click the Lock/Unlock button again.

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