Example: Base point use in Layout manager

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Tekla Structures

Example: Base point use in Layout manager

This example shows different model views that contain a layout point, control point, and civil origin in the model. The civil origin is the datum point, or the fundamental benchmark point of the national land survey network.

  1. Create a control point in File > Project properties > Base points.

  2. Create a layout point by using the Layout Point tool, and add the layout point to the model.

    The image below shows the point locations in a 3D model view.

    • The green point in the bottom-left corner is the civil origin.

      Note that the East coordinate and North coordinate are not in scale here.

    • The blue point is the control point, that is, the base point that you created.
    • The red cone is the layout point, in the image framed with a yellow square.
    • The green box is the model origin at the grid intersection A-1.
  3. In Layout manager, add the layout point to a group. Select the base point that you created, Control point 1, to be used as the Group local coordinate system of the group.

  4. Check the coordinates of the layout point.
    • Location in the model: the distance to the model origin.
    • Location in the group: the distance to the base point selected for the layout point group.
    • East, North, Elevation: the distance to the civil origin.

    The images below show different views and measurements of the points in the model.

    Elevation view

    Plan view

    Plan view zoomed

  5. Export the layout point.

    The X, Y and Z coordinates in the export dialog box are the East, North, Elevation (X, Y, Z) coordinates that you can view in Layout manager point properties. These coordinates are exported.

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