Create a layout point

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Create a layout point

Use the Layout Point tool in the Applications & components catalog to create layout points. The layout points that you create in the model are design points that you can export to use in a layout device, such as Trimble® LM80.

Before you start, ensure that the Select components selection switch is activated.

  1. In the Applications & components catalog, double-click the Layout Point tool.
  2. Define the layout point properties on the Parameters tab:
    1. Enter a name and a description for the layout point.

      You can use the following special characters in layout point names:_ ~ % ! @ # & . = + - and space.

      Note that the maximum length of the name is 16 characters if you export layout data to .cnx and .tfl formats. When exporting to a text file, there is no limitation in the number of characters in the name. The maximum length of the description is 24 characters.

      If you do not enter a name, Layout manager adds a number as the name.

    2. Enter the diameter of the layout point in the Size box.

      Layout manager uses the XS_IMPERIAL advanced option to determine the units. Set XS_IMPERIAL to TRUE to show imperial units.

    3. Select whether the layout point is a reference point or not.

      A reference point is a mapping point to another coordinate system, such as a geo-spatial coordinate system or a municipal monument.

    4. Select a color for the layout point.
    5. Select a shape for the layout point.
    6. Select a group from the list or create a new group by entering a name.

    For imported points, Is Stakeout Point shows if the point is a measured point as staked in the Trimble® LM80 device if it deviates from the corresponding layout point created in the model. Is Field Point shows if a point is a field point that has been measured on the construction site and imported to Tekla Structures.

  3. Select a location for the layout point in the model.

    The layout point is created when you select the location.

  4. On the Manage tab, click Layout manager.
  5. Click Refresh to show the added point.

You can also add a layout point to a group in Layout manager. First select a group, then select the point in the model. Right-click the group and select Add Selected. Click Refresh to show the point.


To zoom to a layout point in the model, right-click the point in Layout manager and select Zoom selected.

To highlight a layout point in Layout manager, click in Layout manager and select Highlight selected model point. Select Redraw to remove the highlighting.

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