Dimensioning properties - Reinforcement dimensions tab (Integrated dimensioning)

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Dimensioning properties - Reinforcement dimensions tab (Integrated dimensioning)

Use the Reinforcement dimensions tab in the Dimensioning Properties dialog box to view and modify the setting affecting the creation of reinforcement dimensions and how they are displayed.

This dialog box with this tab is displayed if you use Integrated dimensions dimensioning type in dimensioning cast unit drawings.



Dimensions for reinforcing bar groups

On creates dimensions for reinforcing bar groups. This also activates the other selections on this tab.

Dimension mark settings

Sets the mark type, which can be dimension line, dimension mark, tagged dimension mark, or variants of these typical styles.

The Default environment contains three predefined settings files: rebar_dimension_line, rebar_dimension_mark, and rebar_tagged_dimension_mark

Clicking the ... button opens the dimension properties, and you can view the settings file and also change the settings, if needed.

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