Drawing sketch object properties

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Drawing sketch object properties

You can draw different kinds of sketch objects (graphical objects) in your drawings (lines, rectangles, polylines, polygons, arcs, circles, clouds) and use the sketch objects for highlighting particular spots of interest, for example. In sketch object properties you can check and change the appearance of the sketch objects.

To open the properties of a sketch object, do one of the following:

  • Go to the Drawing tab, hold down Shift and click any of the sketch object commands.

  • When you have added a sketch object in a drawing, you can open its properties by double-clicking the object.
  • You can also open sketch object properties through Quick Launch. For example, start typing polygon properties, and then select Drawing polygon properties in the list.

The available settings vary depending on the sketch object type. All settings are described below.



Behind model objects When set to Yes, places the graphical object behind model objects.
Type Defines the line type of the object.
Color Defines the color of the object lines.
Bulge or Bulge for all lines

Values 0 - 1.The bulge factor defines the curvature of the curved segments of objects using the following calculation:

Arc height = Line length * Bulge factor

Changing the bulge factor of a polyline or polygon modifies all the segments of that object.

Radius Defines the radius of arcs and circles.
Position Define the arrow position.


Define the arrow type for lines.

Defines the arrow height.

Defines the arrow length.

Fill: You can use fills (hatches) in rectangles, polygons, and circles.


Defines the fill (hatch) type to be used in the sketch object, for example, rectangle, polygon, or cloud. Clicking Select... shows the available hatch types.

Note that there is no Automatic fill type available, like for part fills.


Defines the color of the fill.


Defines the background color of the fill.

Background color selection is disabled for hardware hatches.

Scaling in direction x

Scaling in direction y

Defines the fill scales in the x and y direction.

Keep ratio of x and y Retains the relative proportions in the hatch pattern.


Rotates the fill. Angle 0.0 is for horizontal and 90.0 for vertical.


Moves the fill pattern inside the object in the x and y direction by the specified value.

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