Include single-part drawings in assembly drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Include single-part drawings in assembly drawings

You can include in assembly drawings single-part drawing views of the individual parts that make the assembly. You can use existing single-part drawings in Document manager or create new single-part drawing views.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties > Assembly drawing.
  2. Load the desired assembly drawing properties.
  3. Click Layout and go to the Other tab.
  4. Set Include single-parts to Yes.

    This activates the Single-part attributes list.

  5. In the Single-part attributes list, select the desired drawing properties to be used in the single-part view. The properties file standard is the default.
  6. Click Save to save the drawing properties in the properties file.
  7. Click OK and create the drawing.

The value of the advanced option XS_USE_EXISTING_SINGLE_PART_DRAWINGS_IN_ASSEMBLY_DRAWING affects how Tekla Structures creates the single-part views. If the option is set to TRUE, Tekla Structures will use single-part drawings in the . If it is set to FALSE, or if there is no existing single-part drawing for a given part, a new view will be created according to the Include single-parts setting. The default value is FALSE.

Tekla Structures also maintains the original scale in a single part drawing in an assembly drawing when you set the layout to include single part drawings, and set the option XS_USE_EXISTING_SINGLE_PART_DRAWINGS_IN_ASSEMBLY_DRAWINGS is set to TRUE. If you do not want to maintain the scale of the existing single part drawing, set the advanced option XS_USE_EXISTING_SINGLE_PART_DRAWINGS_SCALE can be set to FALSE. If you do this, thee scale of the included single part drawing will follow the scale of the assembly drawing, or advanced option XS_SINGLE_SCALE if it is set.

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