Create and modify marks, notes, texts, symbols and links in drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Create and modify marks, notes, texts, symbols and links in drawings

You can add many kinds of annotation objects in your drawings, such as marks, associative notes, texts, and links. Some of these are associative and some independent.

Associative annotation objects

Associative objects update according to the changes made in a building object in the model. Dimensions, marks, and notes are associative.

In addition to the automatic marks and dimensions that you already may have in a drawing, you can add new ones and modify their properties:

Drawing content manager

Add part marks manually in drawings

Add reinforcement marks manually in drawings

Add reinforcement ticks or reinforcement tags in drawings

Welds in drawings

Add level marks in drawings

Add associative notes in drawings

Add manual dimensions to general arrangement drawings

Modify mark or note properties

Update part and weld marks in drawings

Delete marks for selected parts

Check changed marks, notes and dimensions and remove change symbols

Merge marks

Drag the mark and associative note leader line associativity point

Add manual dimensions

You can also delete marks for parts and reinforcement.

Independent annotation objects

Independent annotation objects are not linked or connected to the Tekla Structures model in any way. For example, texts, DWG/DXF files, symbols, section marks, detail marks, revision marks, links and hyperlinks are all independent annotation objects.

Independent objects will also become associative if you snap to a building object when you create them, because then they will get associativity points. For example, in texts, the content does not change when the model changes but the associativity point may change. Another example is a line: if you snap to a part edge when you create a line, the line will get an associativity point and move with the part if the part changes.

You can only add texts, section marks, detail marks, DWG/DXF files, links, hyperlinks, revision marks and symbols in an open drawing, and modify the properties of the added ones:

Add section marks in drawings

Add detail marks

Add text in drawings

Add links in drawings

Add revision marks in drawings

Add symbols in drawings

Modify the properties of independent annotation objects

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