Add part marks manually in drawings

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Add part marks manually in drawings

In an open drawing, you can add part marks for all building objects, such as parts, bolts,surface treatment and connections, or for the selected ones only. For each view, Tekla Structures creates the marks according to the selected properties.


Use orthogonal snapping in marks and associative notes with leader lines. For example, you can use it for placing your marks and notes in a more consistent way in exact locations. When you start dragging a mark or note from a leader line end handle, and you have orthogonal snapping on, the leader line end handle locks to the closes orthogonal point in the drawing (0, 45, 90, 135, 180 degrees). To activate orthogonal snapping, press O.

To add part marks, do one of the following:


Do this

Add part marks for all building objects in a drawing

On the Annotations tab, click Part mark > For all parts.

If you have deleted marks manually from the drawing, this command will not create the marks, and you will have to create them manually part by part.

Add part marks for selected building objects in a drawing

  1. Select the building objects in the drawing:

    • Activate the Select parts in drawings selection switch and select the parts using area selection, for example.

    • Open the Drawing content manager from the side pane, and click Show to populate the Drawing content manager list. You can also narrow down the selection by selecting areas, single or multiple views, or single or multiple building objects. Then ensure that building object selection is active in Drawing content manager, and select the desired building objects from the list.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • On the Annotations tab, click Part mark > For selected parts.

    • Right-click and select Add mark and then Using view properties or Using applied mark properties.

  3. If the part mark does not contain any elements in properties, Part Mark Properties are displayed, and you can select the elements to be included in the part mark.

    Add elements and click Modify.

    Note that if you select several building objects at the same time, and some of the selected objects already have marks, the content of the existing marks does not change.

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