3D cut (10)

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

3D cut (10)

The 3D cut (10) component creates a 3D cut to a concrete part. The cutplane is determined by picking three points on the (concrete) part edges. The cut direction can be set. Also an cut offset can be set.

Use for


More information

This component creates a cut through three points.

The side to be removed can be defined.

Before you start

Before applying the macro, create the following part:

  • Concrete part (panel, column, strip footing)

Defining properties

The component contains only one tab, named Picture.




Defining the cut direction. Possibly set an cutplane offset.

Picking order

  1. Concrete part.

  2. Three points to determine the cut plane.

Picture tab

You can define the following settings on the Picture tab.

Cut type

Option Description

Cut right

The parts’ right side from the cut plane will be removed.

Cut left

The parts’ left side from the cut plane will be removed.

Fit plane

The removed part is the shortest part (from fit plane to part’s end).

No cut

No cut is applied.


You can define the offset for the cut plane. The offset distance is always perpendicular to the cut plane.

Explode component

You can select to explode the component if you do not need to modify the component after applying it. If you plan to modify the component later, select not to explode it.

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