Post-tensioning (61)

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Post-tensioning (61)

Post-tensioning (61) component enables Tekla Structures to accurately model most post-tensioning profiles and attributes. Use the tabs in the component dialog box to load a previously saved PT (post-tensioning) tendon scheme, or a new tendon scheme.

Tendon properties tab

Use the Tendon properties tab to define tendon properties, the number and spacing of tendons, rotation angle, and grouted system.



Tendon size and grade

Select the tendon size and grade from the catalog of available options.

Number of tendons

Enter the number of tendons in the group.

Spacing between tendons, S

If you have specified more than one tendon, input the spacing (S) between tendons.

Rotation angle

Specify the rotation angle of tendon/tendon group around the input points from the default plane. The default plane is the plane which is parallel to the“strong axis”of the part.

Grouted system

Specify whether the tendon is to be a grouted system or a non-grouted system. This option defines whether Tekla Structures uses the strand in determining the ultimate capacity.

Furthermore, you can input custom or vendor specific post-tensioning information, including unique and/or multiple tendon systems, grease thickness, jacket material, jacket thickness, and jacket diameter.

Tendon profile tab

Use the Tendon profile tab to define the tendon profile, offsets, bend radius, width, and loop count.





Straight one point


Depending on the profile selected, you can input the required fields below:

  • Start point offset A1

  • End point offset A2

  • Sway drape D

  • Bend radius R

  • Width W

  • Centerline Offset

  • Loop count

Attributes tab

Use the Attributes tab to define the naming and numbering properties of the tendons.




Prefix for the part position number.

Start number

Start number for the part position number.


Tekla Structures uses the name in drawings and reports.


Use Class to group reinforcement.

For example, you can display reinforcement of different classes in different colors.

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