Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures


This is a template attribute. Template attributes can be used in filtering, or to retrieve data from the model to use in drawings and reports. For example, when you create a report, Tekla Structures replaces the attributes added in the report template with the corresponding object property values.

The following attributes are available for reinforcement meshes:


  • CUSTOM.MESH_WIDTH_NET (distance)


All these attributes are calculated based on the mesh wires considering all cuts. The net length is always the longer dimension of the mesh and the net width is the shorter. The net size is always expressed based on net length and net width including the text for sizes and spacings.

The calculations can be output with custom reports. In Template Editor they are located in the CUSTOM subfolder in the Attributes dialog box.

We recommend that you use these attributes instead of any other mesh attributes for size calculations.

Tekla Structures length inquiry gives the whole length, whereas the MESH_LENGTH_NET gives the length of the mesh itself.

Tekla Structures size inquiry gives the size so that it gives the height first and the width last, whereas MESH_SIZE_NET reports the width first and the height last: 20/8-100/200-5950/2950 .

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