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The following part-specific opening and area calculations are available for Hollowcore slabs. The calculations can be output with custom reports.

The report property names are:

  • CUSTOM.HC_GROSS_AREA: This is the gross area calculated by formula L*B , where L is the max length of the slab and B is the width of the original hollow core slab section before any narrow cutting of the slab.
  • CUSTOM.HC_INSUL_CUT_L: This is the total linear length of insulation cutting measured along insulation edges where the edge of insulation is not overlapping with exterior edges of the slab.
  • CUSTOM.HC_NET_AREA: This is the net area of the hollow core slab. The net area is excluding all openings penetrating.
  • CUSTOM.HC_OPENINGS_L: This is the total perimeter length of all openings in the slab. The perimeter is measured along the “shape boundary” of the opening.
  • CUSTOM.HC_RECESSES_L: This is the total perimeter of recesses (not fully penetrating the slab thickness). The perimeter is measured along the “shape boundary” of the recess.
  • CUSTOM.HC_SAWINGS_END_L: This is the total linear length of skew end sawings in the slab. Please note that the straight ends are not counted to the total sawing length.
  • CUSTOM.HC_SAWINGS_END_N: This is the total number of individual sawing lines.
  • CUSTOM.HC_SAWINGS_SIDE: This is the total length of sawing parallel to center axis of the slab.

In Template Editor these attributes are located in the CUSTOM subfolder in the Attribute dialog box.

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