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This is a template attribute. Template attributes can be used in filtering, or to retrieve data from the model to use in drawings and reports. For example, when you create a report, Tekla Structures replaces the attributes added in the report template with the corresponding object property values.

This custom template attribute shows the weight of a concrete element. The element weight is calculated as follows:

The volume of concrete parts minus the volume of steel embeds and reinforcing bars is multiplied by a concrete density of 2450 kg/m3 (hard-coded) to achieve the concrete weight. Then the weights of the concrete, reinforcement, and embeds are summed up.

The calculation uses a steel density of 7850 kg/m3 for steel embeds and reinforcing bars. Steel embeds and reinforcing bars are assumed to be completely within the concrete.

Note that this template attribute does not take reinforcement meshes into account.

For cast units with dense reinforcement, this template attribute is more accurate than CUSTOM.ELEMENT_WEIGHT.

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