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This is a template attribute. Template attributes can be used in filtering, or to retrieve data from the model to use in drawings and reports. For example, when you create a report, Tekla Structures replaces the attributes added in the report template with the corresponding object property values.

These template attributes show the area of faces whose normal vector points in the following directions:

  • Top of form (AREA_FORM_TOP)

  • Bottom of form (AREA_FORM_BOTTOM)

  • Form sides (AREA_FORM_SIDE)

Use these template attributes with the CAST_UNIT content type to report the formwork areas of precast cast units.

For assemblies and cast units, the main part local up direction dictates the form up/bottom/sides directions. Faces which are inclined less than 5 degrees are counted in the top and bottom areas. Faces which are skew => 85 degrees are counted in the side areas. Faces which are exactly 45 degrees against main global or local axes, are not counted to any direction.

Steel embeds are ignored when calculating the AREA_FORM_... values of cast units.

AREA_FORM_TOP = 42 sq.ft.

AREA_FORM_BOTTOM = 42 sq.ft.

AREA_FORM_SIDE = 2*(2*7 + 3*6) + 2*(2*6 + 2*6) = 64 + 48 = 112 sq.ft.

To report the formwork areas of cast-in-place cast units, use the template attributes AREA_FORM_TOP_GLOBAL, AREA_FORM_BOTTOM_GLOBAL, and AREA_FORM_SIDE_GLOBAL with the CAST_UNIT content type. With these ..._GLOBAL attributes, Top-in-form face settings have no effect.

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