What is an analysis model

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Tekla Structures

What is an analysis model

When you use Tekla Structures to model, analyze, and design structures, you will become familiar with the following concepts:

A physical model is a structural 3D model that includes the parts you create using Tekla Structures, and information related to them. Each part in the physical model will exist in the completed structure.

The physical model also contains information about the loads and load groups that act on the physical model parts, and information about the building code that Tekla Structures uses in the load combination process.

An analysis model is a structural model that is created from a physical model. It is used for analyzing structural behavior and load bearing, and for design.

When you create an analysis model, Tekla Structures generates the following analysis objects and includes them in the analysis model:

  • Analysis parts, bars, members, and areas of the physical parts

  • Analysis nodes

  • Support conditions for nodes

  • Rigid links between the analysis parts and nodes

  • Loads to analysis parts

The analysis model also includes load combinations.

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