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This advanced option is only meant for administrators.

It points to the location of the Tekla Structures system folder. The system folder is used for storing files that define default settings. These include the standard, data (.dat), property files, drawing files, template files, and report files, for example.

Specifying more than one system folder

You can specify more than one system folder, and this way define specific settings for each role. Use the role options defined in the env_<environment>.ini file to point to the roles when specifying the system folders in XS_SYSTEM. For example, XS_STEEL (\Steel), XS_CONCRETE (\Concrete), XS_ENGINEERING (\Engineering) and XS_PRECAST (\Precast) each point to the folders that contain the settings specific to that role. An example for steel role option in the env_<environment>.ini file could be as follows:

set XS_STEEL=%XSDATADIR%\environments\Steel\master_drawings\;%XSDATADIR%\environments\Steel\model_filters\;%XSDATADIR%\environments\Steel\model_settings\

To specify several system folders in XS_SYSTEM, enter the options pointing to the role options and separate them by semicolons.



Tekla Structures searches the folders from right to left. If files with identical names exist in several folders, the one that is read last will be used. In the example above, the files found from XS_STEEL will be used instead of the files with identical names in common\system\ or in any other folder mentioned before the last folder.

This is a system-specific advanced option and cannot be changed.

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