Combining and iterating properties for AutoDefaults

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Combining and iterating properties for AutoDefaults

Combining properties

You can save properties files that cover different groups of properties and use these files to define many rules. For example, you can have one file for bolt properties and another for profile properties. AutoDefaults combines the separate files into one file. This means that you can define fewer files because you can use one file for several rules. If the files contain different values for the same property, Tekla Structures uses the last property it finds, see the example image below.

Iterating properties

Tekla Structures tests the properties until the connection symbol is yellow or green. Iteration changes the properties automatically if the connection is not created successfully, even if the rules match. If connection check is active, the iteration results in properties that have passed the check.


  • Tekla Structures cannot iterate property files directly. Use a single iteration rule set with sub-rule sets.
  • You cannot have many parallel iteration rule sets. Use a single iteration rule set and place it just before the default rule set.
  • Place the combination rule sets above the iteration rule set in the AutoDefaults tree structure.
  • Combination rule sets can only be one level deep.
  • Tekla Structures disregards empty rule sets, so include at least one rule in each rule set.
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