Improvements in Trimble Connect Visualizer

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Improvements in Trimble Connect Visualizer

Trimble Connect Visualizer now allows you to create your own materials, and override the materials of particular objects to use another material instead.

Creating user-defined materials

Trimble Connect Visualizer now has a material editor where you can add your own user-defined materials for visualizing models. User-defined materials can be used in Trimble Connect Visualizer material mapping in the same way as pre-defined materials.

  • To open the material editor and start creating user-defined materials, click in the Trimble Connect Visualizer side pane.

With the material editor, you can:
  • Create, modify, and save your own user-defined materials

  • Add textures for user-defined materials, and adjust the scaling and tiling of the textures

  • Adjust material colors with RGB color sliders

  • Adjust the transparency, roughness, metallic look, and bump strength of your materials

  • Preview your user-defined materials on all visualized objects

  • Reset all objects to use their original materials

User-defined materials are stored in the C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\TrimbleConnectVisualizer\CustomMaterials folder.


User-defined materials are not shared to other users with Tekla Model Sharing. Any objects that are mapped to use customized materials appear with their class colors to other users.

Setting material overrides

You can now override the materials used for the selected objects in Trimble Connect Visualizer, and select another material that you want to use instead. To override materials, select the objects and set an override material in the Visualizer settings dialog box.

You can use any pre-defined or customized material as the override material.

When you set an override material, the override material name is stored to the selected objects' VISUALIZER_MATERIAL user-defined attribute.

Trimble Connect Visualizer: updated material appearances

The appearances of the following pre-defined materials have been updated in Trimble Connect Visualizer:
  • Concrete

  • Glass

  • Grass

  • Ground

  • Steel

  • Timber

In the image below, from left to right, you can see the new appearances of steel, concrete, timber, glass, ground, and grass.

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