2021 SP5: New features, improvements, and important fixes

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

2021 SP5: New features, improvements, and important fixes

Custom components are now working and not forcing Tekla Structures to close suddenly

In an earlier service pack, when trying to open the custom component properties by double-clicking the component in the model, Tekla Structures suddenly closed. This happened when the custom component was using the Creation equation, and the value was zero (either set directly as a number or through a parameter), and there were distance variables relating to the part which was not created. This has now been fixed.


Autosave now working

Autosave no longer fails if Document manager is open, like it happened in an earlier service pack.


New default shortcut for Zoom selected

Shift+Space is now the default shortcut for the Zoom selected command both in the modeling mode and in the drawing mode.

If you have already customized your keyboard shortcuts, the change of the default value does not impact you. You may want to make the change manually in the Keyboard shortcuts dialog box (File > Settings > Keyboard shortcuts).


Clicking a toggle on a ribbon drop-down list no longer closes the drop-down

The ribbon drop-down list behavior has been changed when the list contains commands that can be switched on or off. Now the ribbon drop-down list remains open when you switch between the states of these commands.


Improvements in copying properties in property pane

Now, when you start copying object properties in the property pane, all the properties are always selected. When you select the objects you want to copy properties to, the check boxes for all property fields are shown and you can still change which properties will be copied, except for those properties which have the same value in the source object and in the target objects.

In the target object properties, you can now switch between the copied new values and the original values by clearing or selecting the check marks next to the properties.

TTSD-29024, TTSD-43305

Tooltips are visible for a longer time

Ribbon tooltips, Quick Access Toolbar tooltips, toolbar tooltips at the bottom of the screen, and property pane's main button tooltips can now stay open and visible up to 5 minutes. This gives more time to read the instructions in the tooltips.


Moving and copying groups in the shape catalog

You can move and copy groups and sub-groups of shapes in the Shape catalog dialog box. You can move and copy both user-defined groups and system groups.

To move a selected group, drag it to a new location in the group structure. To copy a group, hold down Ctrl while dragging. Also the sub-groups of the selected group are moved or copied.

In Tekla Structures 2021 SP5, to move or copy a sub-group to the highest level in the group structure, right-click the sub-group and select Move to top level or Copy to top level.

TTSD-46816, TTSD-41739


Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-5615 Concrete components

Floor layout: The layer part UDA values from the second User defined tab are now correctly populated to layer parts.

TSAC-5714 Concrete components

Reinforced concrete stair (95): There are now 6 new UDA lines on UDA tab.

TSAC-5757 Concrete components

Geometry detailing strip has the following improvements:

  • The strip applied by a wall layout is now attached to the longest front/back part of the wall edge. Earlier, the detailing was attached to the edge front/back part closest to the center of the wall.
  • Detailing is now properly applied to a part face when the strip line starts from the corner of the part face.
  • When the strip partially overlaps an edge at an opening, the detailing is now created if it touches the part face. Earlier, detailing was only created if the center of the strip was touching the part face.
TSAC-5771 Concrete components

Sandwich wall window: You can now select how to create the filler parts as insulation on the Bottom detail, Left detail, Right detail, Top detail, Door side detail, and Door bottom detail tabs. The filler parts can be created as the shell properties or as the insulation properties.

The image for continuous slope is now again shown on the Door side detail and Door bottom detail tabs.

TSAC-5783 Concrete components

Detailing manager: The attribute file now contains information about the component type to prevent loading attribute files from another component with same number.
Older attribute files which do not have information about the component type are resolved via a list of component conflict numbers.

TSAC-5825 Concrete components

Mesh bars: Meshes outside the slabs are now positioned exactly in the same way as the rebar groups.

TSAC-4345 Steel components

Cap plate detail: When you open the properties dialog box of an existing component, the Class property is now shown correctly.

TSAC-5793 Steel components

Welded beam to beam (123): You can now define a name for the stiffeners on the Parameters tab. 

TSAC-5879 Steel components

Gusset+T: On the Main part welds tab, you can now select a continuous, chain intermittent, or staggered intermittent weld shape.

Wels shapes
TSAC-5880 Steel components

Tube-Chamfer, Tube-Crossing Saddle, Tube-MitreSaddle+Hole, Tube-Saddle+Hole, Tube-Slotted Hole: On the Welding tab, you can now select a continuous, chain intermittent, or staggered intermittent weld shape.

Welds shapes
TSAC-5966 Steel components

Railings (S77): You can now select the custom component direction for the start and end closure on the Panels tab.

TSAC-5023 Task Manager

Previously, Task manager stopped working if you tried to print a scenario when there was no printer installed on the system. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45400 Import, export, interoperability

Export drawings to DWG/DXF: The view placement in the export was improved to prevent overlapping view content.

TTSD-46984 Import, export, interoperability

Reference models: The performance of selecting a reference model list group and canceling the selection has been improved. You can notice the improvement when you have lots of reference model groups, and you select or cancel the selection of any object in the model.

TTSD-47598 Import, export, interoperability

Reference models: The performance of inserting a reference model, and then undoing and redoing this has been improved.

TTSD-45544 Templates and reports

In the report output, when you have set the columns to start from top right or bottom right, the columns are now aligned to right.

TTSD-33399 Drawings

A new user-specific advanced option, XS_VIEW_FRAMES_VISIBLE, has been added in the Drawing View category of the Advanced Options dialog box:

  • When you set this advanced option to FALSE, the drawing view frames are hidden until you move the mouse pointer over the view. This is the default value.
  • When you set this advanced option to TRUE, the drawing view frames are visible all the time.
  • In Tekla Structures versions 2019 and earlier, the drawing view frames were always visible. In Tekla Structures version 2019i, the drawing view frames were hidden and only displayed when the mouse pointer was over the view frame.
TTSD-35909 Drawings

Section drawings of complex geometries are now created correctly.

TTSD-47106, TTSD-22706, TTSD-26730, TTSD-27279, TTSD-29899, TTSD-30283, TTSD-35141, TTSD-35450, TTSD-47546 Drawings

Hatches: The hatching algorithm has been replaced by a new hatching algorithm that correctly handles a much wider range of complex geometries, such as self-intersecting polygons, collinear polygon edges, touching polygon vertex/edge cases and many others.

TTSD-47155 Drawings

Reference models: Reference models with wireframe representation are now drawn to the correct layer. Drawing to incorrect layer caused problems in the drawing order and cover-up areas, for example.

TTSD-47160, TTSD-47159 Drawings

Leader line handles were sometimes drawn to wrong locations if you were using advanced options to control the leader line position.

TTSD-47439 Drawings

Document Manager: Document manager now rounds fractional metric sheet sizes to whole numbers.

TTSD-47594 Drawings

Hatches for curved polygons work better now.

TTSD-48140 Drawings

Document manager: Document manager now automatically updates the document list for file documents when files change in the monitored areas.

TTSD-46958 Tekla Model Sharing

Previously, when joining a shared model, there could occasionally be an application error in Tekla Structures. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-47046 Tekla Model Sharing

Previously, when a Tekla model sharing model was opened with Bypass.ini shortcut, an error message "This model was not closed property" was shown. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-48090 Tekla Model Sharing

Previously, in some rare cases, there was an application error in Tekla Structures when reopening a shared model, for example. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-35590 Reinforcement

Previously, Cyrillic characters were not shown correctly in the rebar catalog even when the Russian locale was set in Windows. This resulted in the property pane showing Cyrillic characters incorrectly and reinforcement objects failing in the model. This issue has now been fixed.

TTSD-47725 Reinforcement

Rebar groups: The start and end cover thickness values of circular bars were ignored in numbering, which resulted in different bars receiving the same position number. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5824 Modeling

Auto bolt has been improved to work more reliably on parts with long narrow faces as well as for input points which fall on the edge of the input part solid.

TTSD-40284 Modeling

Previously, when you moved bent plate handles manually or through custom components, sometimes the cylindrical surface lateral boundary was following the move only on one side, causing the boundary to look distorted. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-44083 Modeling

The Split command: Previously, when splitting plates or slabs, the user-defined attributes (UDAs) were not copied to the both resulting parts of the splitting. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46768 Modeling

Snapping to reference lines/points works now better than previously.

TTSD-47093 Modeling

Previously, the Split command created wrong object types. Sometimes one half of a split polybeam or a strip footing became a concrete beam or a steel beam. This has now been fixed, and the split halves keep their original object type.

TTSD-47330 Modeling

In some cases, when XS_ENABLE_POUR_MANAGEMENT was set to TRUE and after the Repair model command was used, reinforcement objects could not be added to pour units using the Calculate pour units command. This does not happen anymore.

TTSD-46865 Installation

Previously, when proxy settings were defined in TeklaStructures.exe.config, instead of starting, the C:\Program Files\Tekla Structures\2020.0\nt\bin folder was opened. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-47353 Analysis and design

The steel, concrete, and timber design properties that you modify in the Analysis Model Properties dialog box are now correctly passed to the linked analysis application (STAAD, Robot, SAP2000).

TTSD-43642 Core

Previously, when graphic card stopped responding, Tekla Structures crashed. This has now been fixed, and instead of crashing, all 3D views are force closed and reopened.

TTSD-45454 Core

Occasionally, Tekla Structures stopped working unexpectedly when you clicked Browse in the Report dialog box. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-47642 Core

Application error no longer occurs if the model macro closing all model views is executed in the drawing mode.

TSAC-5911 Tools and components

Formwork placing tools - Walls: previously the automatic filler placement did not work even when a proper filler configuration was given. This has now been fixed, and the filler is added automatically.

TTSD-43380 Import, export, interoperability (steel)

NC/DSTV export: The NC export no longer generates NC files for parts that have failing geometries. The NC and session history logs report these failures.

TSAC-5604 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

BVBS export: For 3D bent bars, the bending angle recognition tolerance is now 1.0 degrees. Neighboring leg segments with very small angles in between are exported as combined straight segments. The 3D bars with more than 4 handle points with small bending angles no longer stop the export.

TSAC-5692 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

BVBS export: Mainly straight sections with minimal bendings in multiple directions now have more tolerance to be recognized as straight. Thereby both straight and bent rebars with such sections are handled better.

TSAC-5804 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, when exporting the insulation panels as layers, the panels extending outside concrete that had gaps between the panels resulted in complex contour lines with notches difficult to be utilized in plotting, for example. Now such gaps between panels do not affect the extended contour.

TSAC-5814 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): You can now choose if an insulation layer affects the contour using the new options, Layer cut to contour and Extend contour, on the Embeds tab. These options are only available if the insulation is exported as a layer within the concrete element and you have set the Export insulation setting to As concrete panel or As layers and embeds. When Layer cut to contour is used, the shuttering is placed by the determined concrete edge, however any insulation mountpart is allowed to extend outside this contour.

TSAC-5851 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): A new tab, Symbols, has been added where you can configure the details of mountpart symbols used in the export. All symbol-related settings have been moved from the Embeds tab to the Symbols tab. Also, new options for plotting placing symbols for braced girders have been added on this new tab.

TSAC-5948 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export ELiPLAN file (68): The Product code setting on the Data content tab has new options Template and Cast unit prefix. For Product code, Accessory code and Material code, you can now specify multiple UDAs by separating them with a blank space.

TSAC-5977 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): In recent service packs, when you tried to use a manual code in the line attribute override of a surface object, the resulting line attribute was invalid. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5990 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): The line attribute override with surface objects now works also when the Output file structure option on the Main tab is set to 1 slabdate, scanned layers, and the main part edge is not at the cast unit boundary.

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