2021 SP4: New features and improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

2021 SP4: New features and improvements

Export EliPLAN file (68): New export version type EliX

You can now select the type of the export version in Export version type on the Parameters tab. The options are Eli and EliX. When you select the new type EliX, a package with a special file extension .elix is created. The package contains the export file together with related cast unit drawing PDFs from the folder path that you specify on the new EliX content tab.

The EliX option is applicable for the release version number 3.0 and newer only.

TSAC-5559, TSAC-5842

Improvements in concrete components

Rebar coupler

On the Parameters tab, you can now define the coupler offset in relation to the free gap. You can also control this offset in the auto attribute file.


Reinforcement strand layout (66)

On the Attributes tab, you can now select that the strands are placed perpendicularly to the beam start/end. This new setting allows you to use the component on cross-modeled precast beams with different sections.



Defect number Development area Description
TSAC-3774 Concrete components

The filler configuration file Fillers.csv in Formwork placing tools - Walls has been improved. You can now configure usage of filler (custom) parts, whose width can be can be varying and/or parametric. Use the new config fields:

Part1LengthMin – the minimum length/width (the free gap to fill) the product can fit
Part1LengthMax – the maximum length/width the product can fill
Part1LengthProperty – the name of the length property of the custom part. This is needed only if/when the length/width is controlled by a parameter instead of input points
Part1HeightProperty – the name of the custom part parameter controlling the height of the custom part

The fields can be set for Part2, Part3, and so on. Also multiple parts with separate additional rows can be configured. Then you need to keep the Supplier, Family, and Name the same as on the first line.

TSAC-4409 Concrete components

Wall layout connector now works for wall layouts that are wider than their height. There is a new limitation that the wall should be higher than 250 mm.

TSAC-5373 Concrete components

Rectangular column reinforcement (83): Previously, intermediate links were created in the wrong direction if you set negative bottom offset in stirrup group 5. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5654 Concrete components

Wall layout: Offsetting an edge that is split with an extra point into two collinear pieces now works correctly. Now it is also possible to split an edge in an opening (this was not working earlier) and use direct modification to adjust the offsets properly both at the exterior edges and the opening edges.

TSAC-5675 Concrete components

Embedded anchors (8): Calculating anchor placing for steel assemblies and parts is now working properly.

TSAC-5705 Concrete components

Strip footing reinforcement (75): Stirrup hook properties are now read properly from the rebar database.

TSAC-5733 Concrete components

Geometry detailing strip has been changed so that when it is used in a wall layout edge, the back/front is consistent with the wall layout modeling direction and not affected by wall layout connector details.

Note that this change in the logic may cause unintended changes of the back/front assumption in existing wall layouts when modified with the new version.

TSAC-5736 Concrete components

Mesh bars: Horizontal bars in narrow walls are now created correctly.

TSAC-5743 Concrete components

Embedded anchors (8): On the Input tab, the custom part configuration file name can now have up to 79 characters. Previously, the name could have 22 characters.

TSAC-2285 Steel components

Truss (S78): Previously, in some cases the bottom chord was created differently on the right and the left side. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5499 Steel components

Tube gusset (20): Previously, some bolt edge distances were incorrectly applied. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5670 Steel components

Stiffened end plate (27): Previously, in some cases, shim plates were created in incorrect positions. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5695 Steel components

Corner tube gusset (56): Previously, some bolt edge distances were incorrectly applied. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5721 Steel components

Two sided end plate (142): Previously, when filler plates were created, galvanizing holes were created in the last filler plate. This has now been fixed, and galvanizing holes are always created in end plates.

TSAC-5755 Steel components

U.S. Base plate (1047): Previously, some holes in the cast plate were missing. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5773 Steel components

JP Floor beam gusset (11) and JP Floor beam gusset A (12) are now working again.

TSAC-5806 Steel components

Pipe doubler plate now works for pipes with greater diameters.

TTSD-41875 Steel components

You can now delete a lot of bolts in all system components that have the delete bolts property on the Bolts tab. You can do this in the Joining plates (14) component, for example. This is a significant improvement. You can now define ranges, for example, 1-5 means 5 bolts from 1 to 5 will be deleted. Previously, deleting a lot of bolts was not possible due to the string length limitation.

TTSD-45449 Import, export, interoperability

IFC object conversion: You can now have dots (.) in the property set names in the IFC object conversion UDA mapping.

TTSD-45724 Import, export, interoperability

Export 3D DWG: Previously, when you used GUID in the Layer name as functionality, the export transformed the GUID to an invalid format. This has now been fixed, and the GUID retains its original format.

TTSD-45791 Import, export, interoperability

Export drawings to DWG/DXF: The export now works more consistently with the different base point exporting options.

TTSD-45808 Import, export, interoperability

Trimble Connect: The cs.dll and .cs.pdb files are generated when macros are compiled. These files are ignored from folder sync operation. Thus, addition of these two files in the local folder will not trigger an update.

TTSD-46054 Import, export, interoperability

Trimble Connect: The model upload to Trimble Connect performance has been improved.

TTSD-46055 Import, export, interoperability

IFC4 export: The OBJECT_TYPE attribute is now supported properly by the IFC4 export.

TTSD-46218 Import, export, interoperability

IFC export: The boolean type can now be selected in Additional property sets.

TTSD-46523 Import, export, interoperability

Trimble Connect: Upload to Trimble connect now works with the Educational license.

TTSD-46994 Import, export, interoperability

Export drawings to DWG/DXF: Surface treatment drawn with invisible lines no longer hides content under it in the exported drawing DWG files.

TTSD-47152 Import, export, interoperability

IFC2x3 export: Weld coloring has been improved when you use current view colors.

TTSD-47248 Import, export, interoperability

IFC2x3 export: Antisymmetric (e.g. angle L50*5) polybeam profiles sometimes had wrong rotation when the extrusion export format was used, like in the Export To Aveva extension. This has now been fixed.

TPLED-209 Templates and reports

It is now possible to have 32nd and 64th precision in templates, reports, marks and dimensions in imperial units.

TTSD-46629 Templates and reports

Template editor: Output 0 as empty string did not work with imperial units when fractions were used. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46683 Templates and reports

Sometimes, a large report using the CopyField function could take a long time to complete. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46788 Templates and reports

When a revision was created for a drawing and the NextValue() function was used in a part row rule with a hierarchy, there could be rows missing from the template output. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46843 Templates and reports

Previously, CUSTOM.ELEMENT_WEIGHT.REINFORCED summed the weight of the concrete main part reinforcement as many times as there were concrete parts in the cast unit. This has now been fixed.

CUSTOM.ELEMENT_WEIGHT.REINFORCED now works similarly to CUSTOM.ELEMENT_WEIGHT and shows the value for all cast unit parts. Previously, CUSTOM.ELEMENT_WEIGHT.REINFORCED showed the value for the main parts only.

TTSD-47487 Templates and reports

In an earlier service pack, templates and reports that had a REVISION row as the parent row did not show revision data, and you needed to place the REVISION row under the DRAWING row. This was changed to support both kinds of revision templates: with REVISION row alone and with DRAWING parent row. Now old revision templates work without any changes. However, it does not harm anyhow if templates would contain the DRAWING parent row.

TSAC-3063 Drawings

2D library: New placement logic in placing details from the drawing 2D library 
Default scales of new details: Details that are created in a view will have the default scale of the view it is created in. When the detail is placed outside the view, new views will be created having the default scale or the new defined scale, and a detail without a view will be scaled with the set scale in relation to the main 1:1 drawing paper.
Default scales of new DWG/DXF details: Newly added DWG and DXF details need to be created as 1:1. When another scale is defined, this will be the default scale for the model. The .dde files related to the detail can be moved to the firm or project folders to have their scale set for all models.

TSAC-5467 Drawings

Rebar mesh view creator: The Rebar mesh view creator tool now considers bent meshes with hook endings.

TSAC-5641 Drawings

Rebar pull-out picture and marking: The custom representation of rebar sets has been improved.

TSAC-5742 Drawings

View-level dimensioning: In some rare cases, rule-based dimensioning failed to create dimensions. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5767 Drawings

View-level dimensioning: The Holes dimensioning method sometimes failed to create dimensions. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5774 Drawings

View-level dimensioning: In some situations, when edge chamfers were present, edge shapes were dimensioned as recesses. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-42351 Drawings

Dimensions in detail views now hold their positions better.

TTSD-44668 Drawings

Previously, if a model contained empty assemblies, drawing could not sometimes be opened because numbering was requested even when the model had been numbered. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-44718 Drawings

Moving or resizing a drawing view frame no longer causes an application error.

TTSD-44793 Drawings

Document manager: Application error no longer occurs when Document Manager scans for file documents on certain types of network shared drives.

TTSD-45461 Drawings

Adding the Assembly position element to a group reinforcement mark no longer causes an error.

TTSD-46045 Drawings

Document manager: Previously, in certain cases, there was an exception in Document manager that occurred when Show changes from now on was used. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46336 Drawings

Merged marks now behave better when you clone a drawing from another model.

TTSD-46405 Drawings

In drawings, dragging drawing views while some plugins are selected in the views now works better.

TTSD-46593 Drawings

Document manager: Previously, Document manager included the hidden internal DocumentId property in any searches, which resulted in unexpected search results. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46703 Drawings

Drawings with key plans now open more reliably.

TTSD-46813 Drawings

Document manager: The behavior of the Select all command has been changed. Previously, if the number of the currently selected documents was less than the total number of displayed documents, all documents were selected, but if all were already selected, then everything was unselected. This meant that if a single item was visible and the user right-clicked it (at which point it became selected) and then selected Select all from the context menu, the document was actually deselected. That made it impossible for macros to reliably select single items in the document list. This behavior has been changed so that now all visible items are always selected and the toggling behavior is disabled.

TTSD-46924 Drawings

Layout editor: Adding new tables now works slightly better in some special cases.

TTSD-46933 Drawings

Sometimes, an application error occurred during the cloning of the weld marks. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-4150 Reinforcement

In Rebar shape manager, the bars that are not recognized with their original input point order are now automatically examined also in the reversed input point order. This improvement eliminates the need to create duplicate definitions for certain bar shapes.

TSAC-5537 Reinforcement

Rebar shape manager: In the RebarShapeManager.CustomProperties.dat file, it is now possible to define any user-defined attribute or any of the following built-in properties to be used as a custom property:
Use proSERIE for the numbering prefix and proSTARTNUMBER for the start number.

TTSD-44641 Reinforcement

Rebar sets: Setting invalid values for spacing zones in the property pane no longer causes Tekla Structures to close suddenly.

TTSD-46231 Reinforcement

Previously, when the Inquire assembly objects command was used for cast units, rebar sets were not highlighted the same way as rebar groups. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46902 Reinforcement

If a curved, circular, or circular spiral reinforcing bar had a very small bending radius, an error dialog box was shown, for example, when the bar was exported, or when bar information was inquired or reported. The dialog box will not be shown anymore.

TTSD-31941 Modeling

Rebar catalog: The Group by list now shows all the available properties, not only those whose property columns are visible.

TTSD-37263 Modeling

Rebar catalog: When you click Show columns to select the visible property columns from a list, you can now show or hide several property columns at once. Previously you needed to reopen the list for each property.

TTSD-41673 Modeling

Rebar catalog: You can now hide (or show) also the column of the property by which the rebar definitions are grouped.

TTSD-43641 Modeling

When bolts were created through complex profiles, the bolts sometimes started or ended at invisible points. This might result in an incorrect bolt hole representation in model views. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-45257 Modeling

Previously, the Update window keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+U) was not working. This has now been fixed.
Also, the Update window command now updates only the selected view instead of all views.

TTSD-45291 Modeling

The Split command did not show the distance from the reference point (Ctrl+left click) for beams and columns. This has now been fixed by showing the distance from both ends automatically.

TTSD-45567 Modeling

Previously, in some cases, pour breaks could not be created in concrete slabs that had Dz corner chamfer values. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46214 Modeling

Clash check manager: Clash check results now contain a proper object name in the Object Name column, if an object name is available.

TTSD-46781 Modeling

Clash check manager: Previously, running a clash check for certain models that contained bolts could cause an application error in Tekla Structures. The error was caused by a fast and linear increase in memory consumption. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-47087 Modeling

Previously, the status bar could show the message "Not all objects were copied" even if all objects were copied. Now this message is not shown anymore when copying objects.

TTSD-47323 Modeling

Snapping to an complex object using the Snap to geometry lines/points snap switch does not lag as before.

TTSD-44161 Core

A cut modeled flush to a part face could in some cases freeze Tekla Structures during model view opening. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-44642 Core

Tab at the end of the XS_SYSTEM path caused the program to crash silently. Only the Windows application event viewer showed the error.
This has now been fixed. The invalid path is now shown in the model startup and in the session log.

TTSD-45800 Tools and components

The possibility to add the UDA button for components in the Property Pane Editor has now been removed. Previously, the button has been removed from the property pane template for components in the Property Pane Editor, as it could cause an application error. 

TTSD-46206 Tools and components

Previously, Tekla Structures was not responding in certain models when creating new system components. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46896 Tools and components

Previously, the custom component and sketch solver sometimes used outdated values for calculated equations which led to various problems in updating. This has now been fixed.

TTSD-46711 Numbering

Changing the assembly prefix/start number in the main part properties resets the assembly numbering, even when the prefix/start number was set in the assembly properties, thus making the change to have no effect on the assembly numbering. This could lead to assembly getting next number for no reason. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5576 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

EliPLAN export (68): User is now notified via log when the net area calculation fails.

TSAC-5679 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): The export of the line attributes has been improved for sandwich elements.

TSAC-5769 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, when the Rebar grouping setting was turned on, the export sometimes created duplicated rebars. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5775 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export ELiPLAN file (68): Previously, the project name and project number were switched in the exported file. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5788 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, the Cuts as mountparts setting on the TS configuration tab did not work with some of the cuts at contour edges in simplified contours (Export CONTOUR was set to Simplified). This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5802 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export ELiPLAN file(68): Previously, end recesses were ignored in aligning the weep holes at slab ends. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5819? Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, when reinforcement was exported as mountpart, the Z coordinate of the mountpart was not exported. This has now been fixed.

TSAC-5843 Import, export, interoperability (concrete)

Export Unitechnik (79): Previously, info text 1 and 2, and also various other attributes were not exported for braced girders as mountparts. This has now been fixed.

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