Reinforcement improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Reinforcement improvements

Tekla Structures 2021 comes with new settings and bar grouping improvements for rebar sets, and introduces a new ribbon tab that collects all reinforcement modeling commands. Some of the new reinforcement features in Tekla Structures 2021 were already introduced in previous Tekla Structures 2020 service packs.

New Rebar tab on the ribbon

The reinforcement modeling commands are now on their own Rebar tab on the Tekla Structures ribbon.

Rebar sets and modifiers can follow edges

Use the new Follow edges setting to define whether rebar set guidelines and modifiers including splitters follow the leg face edges that are located between the guideline or modifier end points. This is useful when you reinforce and detail curved concrete structures, for example.

The Follow edges list is available for rebar sets, all modifiers, and secondary guidelines in the property pane. If you select Yes, and the direct modification handles of the guideline or modifier are on the edge of a leg face, the guideline or modifier attemps to follow the leg face edges that are located between its end points. The shortest route along the edges is used.

Alternatively, you can click on the contextual toolbar to make a selected rebar set, modifier, splitter, or secondary guideline follow the leg face edges.

Note that if there are cuts at the edges, add intermediate direct modification handles to the guideline or modifier, and drag the handles to the corners of the cuts.

Bar grouping improvements for rebar sets

  • Tekla Structures 2021 automatically groups rebar set bars that are tapered along a curve. The new tapered curved groups are supported in numbering, reporting, and dimensioning in drawings, for example.

  • Similar rebar set bars are now also grouped together as a normal group even though the bars are irregularly placed along a polycurve.

  • The automatic grouping of rebar set bars now takes cast units into consideration. If a cast unit consists of multiple parts, the bars are grouped within the cast unit instead of the parts.

  • New advanced options that control the grouping of rebar set bars in a model are introduced. Use these advanced options to define tolerances for the rebar set bars that you want to be automatically grouped.

  • To override the values of the above model-specific advanced options in certain rebar sets, you can use the user-defined attributes Tapered linear tolerance, Tapered curved tolerance, and Minimum number of bars in similar group on the Rebar set tab in the rebar set or property modifier user-defined attributes.

New rebar set settings and other improvements

  • The Minimum lengths to be created settings have been added to the property panes of individual rebar sets and property modifiers. You can use the Minimum bar length and Minimum straight start/end leg length properties to override the corresponding model-specific settings in the Options dialog box.

  • To connect rebar set bar legs together even though the leg face edges do not overlap exactly, use the following new settings:

    Enter a value to define the maximum gap between the leg faces that are automatically connected. If the value is bigger than the existing gap, the gap is ignored and the bar legs are connected.

  • To report the GUIDs of rebar sets and rebar set bar groups, use the new template attributes USERDEFINED.REBARSET_GUID and USERDEFINED.REBARSET_GROUP_GUID.

  • It is now possible to filter and select rebar set bars and rebar set bar groups by using their GUIDs. Previously, it was only possible to select rebar sets by GUID. With single rebar set bars, use the Template category in filters.

  • The IFC2x3 export also uses the new rebar set group GUID when exporting rebar set groups. Previously, the GUID of the first bar was used.

  • The existing template attributes CROSS_SECTION_AREA and WEIGHT_PER_UNIT_LENGTH are now available for reinforcement on the REBAR and SINGLE REBAR rows.

  • The advanced option XS_REBAR_MINIMUM_LEG_DEVIATION has been renamed to XS_REBARSET_MINIMUM_LEG_DEVIATION as it only affects rebar sets.

Rebar set improvements introduced in previous service packs

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