Improvements in Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Improvements in Tekla Model Sharing

Tekla Structures 2021 introduces several improvements to Tekla Model Sharing. Among others, model owners can now export and import users, and files and folders in XS_FIRM and XS_PROJECT folders can be excluded from sharing.

New ways to manage and message model users

Users with the Owner role can now export and import users in the Users dialog box, and all user roles except for Viewer can now send email notifications to others.

  • To open the Users dialog box, on the File menu, select Sharing > Users.

Exporting and importing users

You can now export the list of users in a shared model. This allows you to either change user roles, or add the same users into another shared model.

When you click Export users, the list of users is saved in the users.csv file in the \ModelSharing sub-folder under the model folder. The format of the list is <email address>;<role>.

You can either:
  • Open the users.csv file and change the user roles, or remove users' permissions to the model by setting their roles to NONE. When you have saved the changes in the users.csv file, import the list by clicking Import users.

  • Add the same users to another shared model by clicking Import users.

    Note that you need to browse to the \ModelSharing sub-folder under the model folder from which you exported the list of users, or copy the users.csv from the \ModelSharing sub-folder to another location.

Sending email notifications

You can now send email notifications to other model users at any point.

When you select the Send e-mail notification to user. check box, a message box appears. You can write the notification message in the message box.

You can either select the users to whom you want to send the message in the Model users list, or send the message to all users by not selecting any users in the Model users list.

Exclude files and folders from being synchronized from XS_FIRM and XS_Project folders

The FileSharing.ini file for excluding files and folders from sharing settings is no longer created automatically in the <model folder>\ModelSharing\Settings folder. Instead, you can manually exclude files stored in the XS_PROJECT folder, the XS_FIRM folder, or their sub-folders. This way, BIM managers can have their own settings file in the model folder, so that they can share the necessary files to other users.

To set which files or folders are excluded, click Exclude in the Sharing settings dialog box, and select the files and folders.

Role changes no longer require a restart

Now, when your role in a shared model is changed to Viewer or Project Viewer, you no longer need to close and re-open Tekla Structures and the shared model.

See the progress of data synchronization from XS_FIRM and XS_PROJECT folders

This improvement was introduced already in Tekla Structures 2020 SP2. See 2020 SP2: New features and improvements for details.

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