Drawing layout improvements

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Drawing layout improvements

Tekla Structures 2021 allows you to work with drawing layouts even more easily. For example, you can now adjust the table layouts in individual drawings.

Drawing-specific layouts: change the table sets in individual drawings

From Tekla Structures 2021 onwards, you can easily make minor changes to the table sets in drawings. This way, you can avoid and remove overlaps in drawing content and tables without editing the drawing layout, or creating new layouts or drawing sizes for each case.

To make changes to the table sets in your drawings, you need to exclude the tables from the drawing layout. When you exclude a table, the table becomes a part of the current drawing, so any changes you make to that table will not be saved to the drawing layout.

All tables that have not been excluded in the drawing are still bound to the original drawing layout, so any changes made to non-excluded tables in the drawing layout are still updated to the current drawing.


You cannot change the drawing size if any tables are excluded from the drawing.

Excluding tables

To start making table changes in the current drawing:
  1. In the open drawing, select the table that you want to edit.

  2. Right-click the table, and select Exclude template from layout.

Now, you can move, rotate, or delete the excluded table directly in the drawing.

Editing excluded tables in Layout editor

If you want to scale the table, define an exact rotation angle, or add new tables to the current drawing, you need to open Layout editor. To do so, right-click the excluded table and select Open Layout editor.

In the Tables in use list in Layout editor, excluded tables are shown as follows: <<TABLE NAME>>.

Note that you cannot modify any layout properties that are not related to tables.

Discarding table changes

If you want to discard any table changes that you have made in the current drawing:

  • To return an excluded table to its original position and include it in the drawing layout again, right-click the table and select Restore table position.

  • To include all excluded tables in the drawing layout again and restore the original layout, right-click in the drawing and select Restore layout.

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