Improvements in DirectX rendering

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Improvements in DirectX rendering

In Tekla Structures 2021, the DirectX rendering has been further enhanced with several improvements.

Option to turn off DirectX rendering replaced with an option to turn on legacy OpenGL rendering

To inactivate the default DirectX rendering and to use the legacy OpenGL rendering, use the new Use legacy rendering option in File > Settings > Switches. When the option is off, the DirectX rendering is used. When the option is on, the OpenGL rendering is used.

The Use legacy rendering option replaces the previously used DirectX rendering option.

The rendering setting is model view specific, which means that you can use different rendering options in different model views.

New switches in the File menu to replace previously used DirectX related advanced options

You can now use the new Hatching of overlapping surfaces and Dashed line for hidden line options in File menu > Settings > Switches. These options control whether the hatching of overlapping surfaces on the same plane is on or off, and whether the dashed lines for part edge lines are shown in the DirectX rendered model views.

A change in Hatching of overlapping surfaces requires reopening the view.

A change in Dashed line for hidden line requires a Tekla Structures restart.

These options replace the previously used advanced options XS_HATCH_OVERLAPPING_FACES_IN_DX and XS_USE_DASHED_HIDDEN_LINES.

New TeklaMark tool for measuring DirectX performance

If you want to measure the performance of your DirectX 3D rendering engine, use the new TeklaMark tool from Tekla Warehouse. There are three versions of the tool available: for steel, for concrete, and for engineering. The tool tests how fast your computer handles graphical information typically used in Tekla Structures, for example, processor speed, load time, average draw time, and per frame details.

The tool shows a score for your hardware setup. To check the collected performance data on different hardware setups, see the TeklaMark support article that shows graphs of the data.

New advanced option XS_SHOW_STATISTICS_IN_DX

Use the advanced option XS_SHOW_STATISTICS_IN_DX to show statistics and the used rendering device in the DirectX rendered model views. The statistics are shown in the lower left corner of the model view, as frames per second measurement.

With this advanced option you can easily verify that you are using a proper graphics hardware accelerator for the Tekla Structures model views, especially with multiple GPUs such as laptops, which often have both a CPU built accelerator and an external, much more powerful graphics accelerator.

By default, the advanced option is set to FALSE.

If you change the value, you need to reopen the view to activate the new value.

Note that this advanced option has no effect on the legacy OpenGL rendered model views.

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