Changes in template attributes

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Changes in template attributes

Tekla Structures 2021 introduces several new template attributes.

Bolt hole depth

Use the new DEPTH template attribute on HOLE content type rows in templates to show the bolt hole depth. DEPTH is useful in reporting the depth of blind holes that do not extend completely through parts.

Formwork area in global coordinate system

Use the following new template attributes to report the formwork areas of cast-in-place cast unit faces whose normal vector points in the top, bottom, or side direction of the form in the global coordinate system:




These attributes can be used on CAST_UNIT content type rows in templates. These attributes do not work on PART rows.

Unlike with precast concrete, the formwork areas of cast-in-place concrete are not dependent on the Top-in-form face settings. With precast cast units, you can still use the template attributes AREA_FORM_TOP, AREA_FORM_BOTTOM, and AREA_FORM_SIDE.


A new template attribute ROW_IN_ALLPAGES has been added. When you use this attribute in a value field, the row number incrementing continues on the next page. Previously, the only attribute available was ROW_IN_PAGE, which produces an incremental number starting from 1 at the beginning of each new page.


You can now use SUB_ID_WITH_LETTERS and SUB_ID_WITH_LETTERS_LAST as template attributes when you report tapered bar groups created by rebar sets.

This improvement was already introduced in Tekla Structures 2020 SP3.


The existing template attributes CROSS_SECTION_AREA and WEIGHT_PER_UNIT_LENGTH are now available for reinforcement on the REBAR and SINGLE REBAR rows.

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