Hole Generation (32)

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Hole Generation (32)

Hole Generation (32) creates a hole in the object, or splits the object in two if the hole cuts the whole object. Use this component, for example, in welded profiles, slabs, or panels generated with a component.

Objects created

  • Cuts

Use for



A hole is created when a point is picked.

Selection order

  1. Select the part or object created by a component to be cut.

  2. Click the middle mouse button.

  3. Pick the position relative to the hole being generated.

Parameters tab

Use the Parameters tab to control the hole properties.



Define the hole dimensions and the location of the picked point.

The selected Partcut option affects which of these dimensions are available.

To rotate the hole, define the rotation angle.

Define the recess depth.


Select the hole type.

The options are:

  • Rectangular creates a rectangular hole using width and height.

  • Circular creates a round hole using height as a diameter.

  • Profile creates a cut using the selected profile. You can use this option to create a hole with an irregular shape.


If you selected Profile as the hole type, select a suitable profile from the Profile Catalog.

Coordination system

Select the coordination system.

The options are:

  • Use global xy-plane creates the hole according to the global coordinate system.

  • Use local creates the hole according to the work plane.

    If the part is sloped or skewed, the Use local option is used automatically.

Cutpart name

Define a name for the cut part.


Select whether the cut is rotated 90 degrees in the XY plane.

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