Pour objects

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Pour objects

When pour management is enabled, each concrete part whose cast unit type is Cast in place automatically forms a pour object.

Tekla Structures automatically merges multiple cast-in-place concrete parts to a pour object if they have the same material grade and pour phase number, and if they touch or overlap one another.

By creating pour breaks you can split pour objects into smaller pour objects.


Make sure that the number of parts included in each single pour object is reasonable. Too large number of parts and part surfaces in a pour object slows down the model.

Pour objects are visible in pour views. All pour objects are displayed using the same color, regardless of the individual parts’ color within a concrete structure. You can change the default color by using the advanced option XS_​POUR_​OBJECT_​COLOR in File > Settings > Advanced options > Concrete detailing.

You can also use different color and transparency settings to show pour object groups, for example, by pour number.


You can group pour objects using Organizer or Task manager.


The following commands are not available for pour objects: Copy, Move, Delete, Split, and Combine. This is because pour object geometry is defined by parts. If you want to change the geometry of pour objects, you have to modify the parts instead of pour objects, or you can create pour breaks.

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