Identical parts

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Identical parts

Tekla Structures gives parts the same number if the parts are identical in the fabrication or casting. If a part is deformed after fabrication or casting (for example if the part is cambered, shortened, or warped), the final geometry on site and in the model may be different.

Tekla Structures treats parts as identical and gives them the same number if the following basic part properties are the same:

  • Part geometry

  • Casting direction

  • Numbering series

  • Profile

  • Material

  • Finish

  • Shortening

You can set the degree of tolerance for part geometry in the Numbering Setup dialog box. If the geometry of parts differs within this degree of tolerance, Tekla Structures treats the parts as identical for numbering purposes.

Class does not affect numbering. Tekla Structures gives the same number to identical parts that belong to different classes.

If you have created NC files, pop marks and contour marking affect numbering.

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