Example: Create a custom category for architectural design status in Organizer

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Example: Create a custom category for architectural design status in Organizer

Your design team may want to communicate the design status of the parts in their model to ensure that other project members only focus on areas where the design has reached maturity.

  1. Ensure that the architectural team places an IFC attribute to each object, such as Architectural_Status, which can be included in the IFC file that they share. In ArchiCAD, this can be done by simply adding an IFC property to the objects called, for example, Status. In Revit, this can be done by using the Revit comment attribute found on each Revit Family Instance.
  2. In Tekla Structures, use the Add model command to place the architectural IFC model in the correct location and ensure that the model is subdivided.
  3. To open Organizer, click Manage on the ribbon and then click Organizer.
  4. Create a new category, right-click the category and select Properties. Enter Architectural_Status as the category name.
  5. Add the Object type - Reference Object filter to the rule box for categories and filters, or a locally set filter that will find all reference objects in the model.

  6. Create a new property to allow Tekla Structures to read comments from the ArchiCAD / Revit IFC file. To find the name used by the IFC file, select an IFC object, right-click and select the Inquire command. Find the property name in the Inquire object dialog box and copy it.
  7. Create a new property template. Click in the upper-right corner of Organizer to open the Settings and click Template. Select to create a blank template and enter Arch_Comments_attribute as the name of the new template. Save the template.
  8. In Settings, create a new property:
    1. Select Custom from the Group list.
    2. Then click the Custom button and select Property.

      In this example, you will add a Revit_Comments property.

    3. Enter the word EXTERNAL. in capital letters to the beginning of the property name in the Property box, then paste or write the property you copied in the Inquire object dialog box.

      For example, the correct notation could be EXTERNAL.Identity Data.Comments.

    4. Click OK, add the new property to the new template, click Modify, and close Settings.
  9. Select the Architectural_Status category. Ensure that Object Browser is showing the Arch_Comments_attribute grouping information. Right-click the Architectural_Status category and select Create automated subcategories to create subcategories using the property values. Create the subcategories using Grouping in Object Browser and click Modify.

    The categories are now as follows:

You can now automatically track the status of architectural IFC objects in the Tekla Structures model.

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