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Create fittings

You can fit the end of a part by creating a straight cutting line between two points you pick. Use fittings to shorten beams. Do not use fittings for making considerable beam extensions.

When you create fittings, Tekla Structures fits the part end to the cutting line and automatically deletes the shortest side of the part. Use plane view when you create fittings.


Ensure that the Snap to nearest points (point on line) snap switch is active when you create fittings.


  • Fittings cannot be used on contour plates.
  • If you apply a second fitting on the same part end, Tekla Structures will ignore the first fitting. This happens if you use the Fit part end command for cutting and try to make two cuts on the same part end. In situations like this, use, for example, the Line cut command instead.
  1. On the Edit tab, click Fit part end.
  2. Select the part you want to cut with a fitting.
  3. Pick the first point of the cutting line.
  4. Pick the second point of the cutting line.

    Tekla Structures creates a fitting between the two points you picked. The fitting adjusts the end of a beam on a plane, perpendicular to the view plane.

(1) Fitting symbol

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