Create a custom formula in Organizer

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Create a custom formula in Organizer

You can create simple mathematical formulas using the object properties that are available in Organizer. You can, for example, calculate areas of specific object types. You can add formulas to property columns in the same way as object properties. You can also use formulas in the object properties when creating property categories.

  1. To open Organizer, click Manage on the ribbon and then click Organizer.
  2. Click in the upper-right corner of Organizer to open the Settings .
  3. Click Custom.
  4. Select Formula.
  5. Enter a name for the formula.

    Ensure that there are no space characters before or after the name.

  6. Enter a property name in the search box in the Settings dialog box to find a property.

    You can also select an option from the Group list to narrow down the selection of properties shown in the list of properties.

  7. Drag the needed properties to the formula box in the Create Formula dialog box.
  8. Drag the needed mathematical operators to the formula box and place them between the properties.
    • to add the main mathematical operation signs.

    • to add parentheses.

    • to add a box where you can enter a number.

  9. If needed, drag the properties and operators inside the formula box to modify the formula.

    Organizer automatically checks whether the formula is mathematically correct. If the formula is not correct, Create is dimmed and the incorrect parts are shown in red.

  10. Select a unit type that is suitable for the properties used in the formula.
  11. Click Create.

The formula is shown in the list of properties in the Custom group. You can modify and delete custom formulas by right-clicking the formulas in the list of properties. You can use custom formulas in property templates by dragging the formulas to property columns.

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