Update the Tekla on-premises license server

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Update the Tekla on-premises license server

We recommend that you have the newest version of Tekla on-premises license server software installed on the Tekla on-premises license server. New versions of Tekla Structures do not always work at all with older on-premiseslicense server versions.

You can use older versions of Tekla Structures with a newer version of the on-premises license server. In some older Tekla Structures versions, this requires that you have installed recent enough updates; for more information about the compatibility between Tekla Structures versions and Tekla on-premiseslicense server versions, see Hardware recommendations for Tekla 2020 license server.

To update the Tekla license server:

  1. Save the model that you are working with and close Tekla Structures before the server update.
  2. Go to Tekla Licensing > LMTOOLS through the Start menu or Start screen, depending on your Windows operating system.
  3. On the Stop/Start/Reread tab, click Stop Server to stop the Tekla on-premises license server and any other licensing services.

    When you have completed installing the Tekla on-premises license server, you can restart the other licensing services.

  4. Backup any files you have modified in the C:\Tekla\License\Server folder.

    You do not need to back up tekla.lic or tekla.opt, because the installer will not changes these files.

  5. Download the latest version of the Tekla on-premises license server and the optional Tekla License Borrow Tool (if you use it) from Tekla Downloads. At the site, click Download for a guided experience that ensures you have all necessary files.

  6. Install the downloaded on-premises license server with administrator rights using the automatic installation for normal setup. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

    If the installation fails or the server does not start after installation, try reinstalling with the local firewall and antispyware/antivirus protection disabled.

  7. If you use the Tekla License Borrow Tool, install the new version of the tool on workstations that need it.
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