Best practices in ELiPLAN export

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Best practices in ELiPLAN export


Before you start, find out the following:

  • Which elements are produced?

  • What are the bed sizes and other fabrication requirements?

  • What should be plotted?

  • Are embed and rebar quantities desired?

  • What kind of product and material codes are being used?

  • What additional information is desired from the model?

  • Is it needed to bring process information back to the model?

Before you start a project:

  • Collect product codes and material article numbers.

  • Create the data conversion file, include any necessary codes, and test with sample products that the data conversion table works as intended.

  • Use automatic settings or choose the most suitable input method.

  • Numbering logic:

    • For ELiPLAN, every element should be unique and traceable.

  • Data scope: Geometry, attribute, materials

    • Which products and materials to include?

    • Which plotter data to include?

    • Draft a modeling guideline to categorize model objects with specific class/name/other attribute

  • Fabrication requirements: dimensions, profiles, maximum weight

    • Document everything in the modeling guideline


  • Model according to modeling guideline, depending on fabrication requirements.

  • Model precast objects with their embedded content.

  • If hollow-core geometry is used for plotting within ELiPOS, ensure that recesses and embed positions are accurate.

  • Set up profile and material catalogs according to fabrication requirements.

  • Adjust the profile catalog and modeling settings so that the mapping to the ELiPLAN system is done correctly.

  • Ensure that you use the materials and profiles that you have mapped.

  • Define standard export settings in line with the modeling guideline.

  • In newer Tekla Structures versions, always use GUID or ACN as the element identifier.

  • Number the model. Use Tekla Structures numbering for creating drawings, and automatic control numbering (ACN) to track unique elements.

  • Use automatic data conversion and product types.

  • Add design status information to precast objects and import the status to ELiPLAN using additional UDAs to communicate the design status. Also mark the objects that have been sent to production.

  • Always check the resulting file and the export log:

    • Ensure that there is no strange mapping in the product or material codes.

    • Validate the export files in the production software, as there is no viewer available.

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