Create and modify drawing views

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Create and modify drawing views

Drawing views contain modeled Tekla Structures building objects, and marks, dimensions and other objects that you have added. A drawing view is another way of looking at the model. Drawings may include several views. In addition to the views Tekla Structures creates automatically based on your selection at drawing creation, you can also add new ones in the open drawing, and modify the existing ones.

You can have different types of views in Tekla Structures drawings:

  • Main views: front, top, back and bottom views

  • Section views

  • End views

  • Single-part views

  • 3D views

  • Detail views

  • Key plan views

  • Views along grid lines

  • Elevation views

  • Plan views

Adding views manually

You can manually add more views in drawings:

Create views in drawings

Copying, linking and moving views

You can move, copy and link views from one drawing to another:

Copy, move and link drawing views

Modifying views, view location, detail marks and section marks, detail view labels and section view labels:

You can modify views manually:

Modify, arrange and align drawing views

Modify detail mark, view label and mark boundary properties in drawings

Modify section mark, view label and cutting line in drawings

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