Spiral beams in drawings

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Spiral beams in drawings

Spiral beams can be show in drawings either folded or unfolded. In unfolded views, spiral beam is unfolded straight.

For details about creating concrete and steel spiral beams, see Create a concrete spiral beam and Create a steel spiral beam.

In the example below, the Unfolded option is set to Yes and in view properties on the Attributes 2 tab. Note that the part is cut in the view.

In the following example, the Unfolded option is set to No.

Dimension spiral beams

You can add straight dimensions, angle dimensions and radius dimensions to spiral beams.

In the following, the automatic creation of dimensions is explained. You can also create dimensions in spiral beams in an existing drawing in view level properties.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties and select the drawing type.
  2. Click View creation in the options tree on the left, select the view and the properties that you want to change, and click View properties.
  3. Click Dimensioning on the options tree.
  4. Add a row and select Spiral beam dimensions as the Dimensioning type, select the desired dimensioning rule properties and click Edit rule.
  5. In the Dimensioning rule properties dialog box, select the dimension properties that you want to use from Straight dimensions, Angle dimensions and Angle and radius dimensions.

    If none of the available properties suit your needs, open a drawing, click Drawing > Properties > Dimension, and edit and save the needed dimension properties so that they are available for selecting in the spiral beam Dimensioning rule properties dialog box for the three dimension types.

  6. Save the dimension rule properties by entering a unique name and clicking Save as.

  7. Save the view properties by clicking Save and return to the drawing properties dialog box by clicking Close.
  8. Click Save to save the drawing properties, then click OK and create the drawing.

Spiral beam part marks

You can show the rotation of the spiral beam in part marks. The rotation angle is defined in the spiral beam properties in the model.

  • You can add part marks to spiral beams in the same way as for other parts using one of the following ways:

    • In an open drawing, select a spiral beam, right-click and select Add mark and then select Using applied mark properties to use the current mark properties, or Using view properties to use view level mark properties.

    • In an open drawing, select a spiral beam, and on the Annotations tab, click Part mark and select For selected parts.

    • You can also define automatic marks in drawing properties before creating the drawing.

Examples of spiral beam dimensions and marks

The example below shows a straight dimension and a part mark that contains the rotation angle information:

The following example shows a radius dimension of a spiral beam:

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