Modify dimension properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Modify dimension properties

You can modify the properties of the dimensions in an open drawing.

  1. Double-click a dimension.
  2. Modify the dimension type, format, and placing settings.

    For example, here you can set the dimension to be free or fixed. Free lets Tekla Structures to decide the location and direction of the dimension. Fixed allows you to place the dimension at any point.

  3. Modify the text, line and arrow settings.
  4. Modify the dimension mark contents and exaggeration settings.

    Here you can also select whether you want to show plate side marks.

  5. Add dimension tags as required, modify font properties, and set the dimension tag rotation. Here you can also set the dimension prefix and postfix.

    Here you can also select to include part count to dimension tags and select a filter that removes the desired default content from the tag. Additionally, you can select whether you want to show the numeric value. You can also select the curved dimension tag type to control how the tags are aligned to the dimension.

  6. Click Modify.
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