Clone using drawing templates in template library

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Clone using drawing templates in template library

This is a more manual way of cloning drawings: you can create drawings using drawing templates located in the template library. The template library is in practice a model folder that contains the drawings that you want to use as drawing templates.

  1. In a model that you use as a template model, create a drawing you want to use as a drawing template and save the drawing.

  2. In another model where you want to create a drawing using a drawing template, select the objects to be included in the new drawing.

  3. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Document manager.
  4. In Document manager, select a drawing and click Clone.

  5. Click Other model.

    Use Browse for model... to browse for another model folder containing the drawing templates that you want.

  6. Click Select template...

  7. In the Drawing Templates dialog box, select a drawing template and leave the list open.

  8. In the Clone Drawing dialog box, use the Objects and actions in cloning options to define the drawing objects to be cloned and the actions for each cloned object.

  9. Clone the drawing by clicking Clone selected.

Tekla Structures clones the drawing. In the Document manager, cloned drawings are marked with text Drawing was cloned in the Changes column.


You can specify that a certain model folder is always used as a template library using the advanced option XS_DRAWING_TEMPLATES_LIBRARY.

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