Clone from Document manager

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Clone from Document manager

In addition to cloning drawings using cloning templates in Master Drawing Catalog, you can clone single-part, cast unit, assembly and general arrangement drawings from the Document manager.

  • When you clone drawings of assemblies or cast units, they must have the same type of main part as the assembly or cast unit from which the original drawing was created. For example, the upper chords of the original and the cloned truss could be main parts.

  • In general arrangement drawings, one main view, and section and detail views are cloned.

Before cloning, finalize, save, and close the drawing you want to use as a cloning template.

To clone a drawing from the Document manager:

  1. In the model, select what to include in the drawing:

    • If you are cloning a single-part drawings, cast unit drawing or assembly drawing, select parts, assemblies or cast units.

    • If you are cloning a general arrangement drawing, select a model view. To do this, click the desired model view so that the view gets a yellow frame around it.

  2. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Document manager.

  3. In Document manager, select the drawing that you want to use as a cloning template.

  4. Click Clone

  5. In the Clone Drawing dialog box, select the drawing object types you want to clone into the new drawing, and the actions for each object type.

    • For Dimensions and Other marks (all building object marks), select whether you want to Clone them, recreate them automatically when you clone a drawing (Create) or Ignore them in cloning.

      Selecting Create in the Dimensions and Dimensions box is useful if cloning the dimensions or other marks does not produce satisfactory results. Using this option does not create any new views.

    • For other objects, select to Clone or Ignore them.

  6. Click Clone selected.

Tekla Structures clones the drawing. In the Document manager, cloned drawings are marked with the text Drawing was cloned in the Changes column.

For an example of cloning a general arrangement drawing, see Example: Clone a general arrangement drawing

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