What to check in cloned drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

What to check in cloned drawings

Always check the cloned drawings to make sure that the drawing contents meet your needs, and marks, views and dimensions are correct.

You should go through the cloned drawings and check that everything is correct. Below is a checklist for this purpose.


Check and change if necessary


  • In general, mark contents are correct in cloned drawings, but sometimes you may need to modify the location of the marks.

  • Tekla Structures clones marks that can be mapped to the original drawing and creates new marks for parts that cannot be mapped to the template drawing.


  • Ensure that the view sizes and view orientation are correct, and that the views are placed correctly in the cloned drawing. The size of the views is updated according to the parts included in the views.


  • If the cloned drawing contains less parts than the original drawing, the dimensions to the missing parts are automatically removed.

  • If the cloned drawing contains more parts than the original drawing, Tekla Structures dimensions the additional parts using automatic dimensioning, if you have set the advanced option XS_INTELLIGENT_CLONING_ADD_DIMENSIONS to TRUE. Because Tekla Structures uses automatic dimensioning for creating dimensions for new parts, you may have to check and correct the created dimensions.

  • Add missing dimensions and remove the incorrect ones.

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