Building objects in drawings

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Building objects in drawings

Building objects are 2D representations of the 3D objects in the model, for example, parts, bolts, surface treatment, and reinforcement. Building objects in drawings get their appearance from the automatic drawing settings when you create a drawing. After creating the drawing, you can change their appearance in an open drawing.


If you want to change the model weld properties, go back to the model, and make the changes there. In the drawing, you can only change the visibility settings and appearance of the model welds. For manually added drawing weld marks the properties can be changed in the drawings.

You can modify building objects in many ways:

Modify building object properties

Shorten parts view by view

Hide part face areas and outlines with cover-up tools

Show a single reinforcing bar in a group

Show layer information on reinforcing bars in drawings

Edge chamfers in drawings

Fillet edges in drawings

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