Add pull-out pictures in automatic reinforcement marks

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Add pull-out pictures in automatic reinforcement marks

You can add a pull-out picture for a reinforcing bar in the reinforcement mark to illustrate the shape and dimensions of the bar in the drawing.

Pull-out pictures can be added in automatic and manually created reinforcement marks.

  1. On the Drawings & reports tab, click Drawing properties and select the drawing type.
  2. Load drawing properties that are as close to the ones you need as possible.
  3. Cast unit drawings: Click View creation in the options tree on the left, select the view and the properties that you want to change, and click View properties.
  4. Click Reinforcement mark.
  5. Double-click the Pullout picture element in the Available elements list to add it in the reinforcement mark.
  6. In the Pullout picture dialog box, select the scaling option in Scale by:
    • Auto auto-scales the pull-out.

    • One factor and Two factors scale the pull-out according to the values that you enter.

      The scale of the pull-out is relative to the scale of the drawing view. For example, if the drawing view scale is 1/10 and the pull-out scaling is 2, the actual scale of the pull-out in the drawing view is 1/5.

  7. In Rotation, select the rotation of the pull-out: Automatic, Plane or 3D. If the pull-out is 3D, and you select Automatic, Tekla Structures automatically shows the pull-out in 3D.
  8. In End marks, define the shape of bar ends in the pull-out.
  9. Select Dimensions to show bar dimensions in the pull-out.
  10. Select Exaggeration to show reinforcing bar hooks more clearly in the pull-out.
  11. Select Bending radius to show the bending radius in form of diameter of the bending roll.
  12. Select Bending angle to show bar bending angles in the pull-out.
  13. Select Coupler/end anchor symbols to show graphical symbols representing the rebar couplers and end anchors in pull-out pictures.
  14. Select Placeholders to show placeholders instead of dimensions in pull-out pictures.
  15. Click OK.
  16. Save the mark properties for late use with a unique n
  17. Cast unit drawings: Click Save to save the changes in view properties and Close to return to drawing properties.

    General arrangement drawings: Click OK.

  18. Click Save to save the drawing properties, then click OK and create the drawing.


A 3D pull-out showing the bending radius:

Placeholders shown instead of dimensions:


To change the leader line length, color, line type, or representation of a pull-out, open the rebar_config.inp file located in the system folder defined by the advanced option XS_SYSTEM and edit the following lines: PullOutLeaderLineMinLength, PulloutColor, PulloutVisibleLinetype and PulloutRepresentation.

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