About bolt gage lines

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

About bolt gage lines

Several components use gage lines that you can use to:

  • Define the location of bolts on a brace

  • Adjust the position of individual bolts

  • Remove bolts

For example, Leg 1 - diagonal (178) uses gage lines.

Gage lines specify several dimensions:


Distance between bolts, horizontally


Distance from the center of the bolt to the edge of the brace


Distance between bolts, vertically

To use a default set of gage lines:

  • Ensure that the gauge_lines.dat file is in the profile folder of the environment your are using,

  • Leave all the fields blank on the Parameters tab.


To learn how to change the default gage lines, see Editing default gage lines.

Components using gauge_lines.dat

The following components use the gauge_lines.dat file:

  • Tower Generation Macro (S43)

  • Tower diagonal (S66)

  • Auto position (S67)

  • Batten plates (S85)

  • Windbrace connection (110)

  • Bent gusset (140)

  • L splice (175)

  • Parallel L profiles (176)

  • Leg - 1 Diagonal (178)

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