Gusset stiffeners (171)

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Gusset stiffeners (171)

Gusset stiffeners (171) creates 2 or 3 (default) stiffener plates and welds them to an existing gusset plate and a beam or a column. You can also create chamfers to the gusset plate and stiffeners.

Objects created

  • Stiffener plates

  • Welds

  • Cuts

Use for

Situation Description

3 stiffeners welded to column flange and gusset plate.

Gusset stiffener that is not perpendicular to an I-beam.

Gusset stiffener for a pipe or bar. Notice that the stiffener does not have to be located on the centerline of the pipe or bar.

Chamfered gusset stiffener.

Before you start

Create a gusset plate, and a beam or a column. Use I, C, tube, or RHS profiles.


To create a gusset plate, use the Standard gusset (1065) component or the plate command that creates a contour plate.

Selection order

  1. Select the main part (gusset plate).

  2. Select the secondary part (beam or column).

    The connection is created automatically when the secondary part is selected.

Part identification key



Upper stiffener


Middle stiffener


Lower stiffener

Picture tab

Use the Picture tab to define the location, shape, and dimensions of the stiffener plates.

Option Description

Define the horizontal and vertical dimensions of the stiffener plates.

Define the middle stiffener offset from the gusset center line.

Stiffener shapes

Select the stiffener shape.

Flip stiffener directions

Select Yes to flip the stiffener direction.

Parts tab

Use the Parts tab to define the stiffener properties.


Upper stiffener, Lower stiffener, Middle stiffener

Define the thickness, width and height of the stiffener.

By default, 3 stiffeners are created. To remove a stiffener, enter 0 as the thickness for that stiffener.





Prefix and start number for the part position number.

Some components have a second row of fields where you can enter the assembly position number.

The default part start number is defined in the Components settings in File menu > Settings > Options.


Material grade.

The default material is defined in the Part material box in the Components settings in File menu > Settings > Options.


Name that is shown in drawings and reports.

Chamfer tab

Use the Chamfer tab to define the chamfer shapes and dimensions for the stiffeners and gusset plate.

General tab

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General tab

Analysis tab

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Analysis tab

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